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About Us

Saving the Planet, One Package at a Time
Natural. Renewable. Biodegradable. Sustainable.

KAYU PACKAGE strives to create and provide sustainable ways where wood can contribute to our daily lives in the form of containers and packaging.

We are a food container company creating disposable wooden food takeout containers for the food & beverage industry. Our products are made from sustainably-cultivated trees sourced from smallholder farmers across Indonesia.

We have always thought of containers and packaging in terms of just their functionality. As our ever complicated societies continues to progress, we need to think beyond the functionality of products we use in our daily lives. At KAYU PACKAGE, we look to the meaning of our actions and the story behind each product.

We hope to provide a better alternative to our planet. An alternative choice that can be biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable.

Takeout. Plant. Repeat.

KAYU PACKAGE’s history started in Suginami-ku, Tokyo in 1983 when the company started out as a business in the wood industry with humble beginnings. With a long history and a deep culture of wood utility across many aspects of Japanese life, the family business grew to produce and source different types of wood products for the Japanese market.

KAYU PACKAGE’s wooden bento box is an update of the traditional Japanese oribako for today’s practical world. The traditional Japanese oribako has coexisted with the bento culture since the 6th century and became a common item in the 1800s Edo period. Across two generations of the family business and with many iterations stemming from traditional craftmanship and designs, KAYU PACKAGE’s wooden bento box was introduced in 2008, rebranded in 2019, and continues to evolve, serving many restaurants and bento take-out shops today.

1983 - Family business incorporated in Tokyo, Japan.
1986 - Indonesia office incorporated in Jakarta, Indonesia
1992 - Vital role in the promotion of sustainable wood and forestry management between Japan and Indonesia
1998 - Indonesia office closed due to political instability in Indonesia
2006 - KAYU PACKAGE’s wooden bento box early prototype development
2008 - KAYU PACKAGE’s wooden bento box introduced in Japan
2015 - Son of founder, Katsufumi Wang returns to run the family business
2019 - Rebranding of business
2019 - KAYU PACKAGE Indonesia branch incorporated in Jakarta, Indonesia
2020 - KAYU PACKAGE North America branch incorporated in Denver, Colorado
2020 - Developement of Mizushield™️ technology (Patented - WIPO WO2022113681) 



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